Tuesday, May 21, 2013

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Hiraman Byrd
Application 2              
Blog Post 2

I have thought about putting a blog into my classroom.   If I had to give my blog a name in school it would be called the Mathematics nest 123.  The reason I would call it that is I believe that mathematics is as easy as 123.  This blog would be available for the students in my class to access and comment on about their homework or how they might feel about an assignment given to them by the teacher to do for homework.  I first give the students the ground rules on when the assignment is due than tell the students when the assignment is due.  I do understand that some of the technology that we spoke of is available online.  Also making a blog is free so many of my students that may be low income can access an blog account without paying money. 
Students experience ongoing successful moments that contribute to their confidence levels for encountering new problems….(they build a repertoire of strategies for dealing with numbers.  Students engage in comprehensible output (engaging in meaning-making conversations with students at their level- students need to engage in all types of conversations – some where they are hearing things where they have to reach to understand but also some conversations where they are right at their level).  Teachers get an opportunity to tailor instruction to the individual needs of their students.  Teachers get an opportunity to focus in on specific content, strategies and skill sets with small groups.  Students develop as confident, proficient, flexible mathematicians in a supportive, scaffold environment.  Teachers get to talk with individual students about math and hear their mathematical thinking.  Students have the opportunity to develop and use math strategies that allow them to become comfortable with different types of problems

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