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Reflection  Understanding the Impact of Technology
Week 7

In this course Understanding the impact of technology I was able to learn analyze and learn about how integrating of technology can improve pedagogy, practice, and student learning.  I also learned about the importance of getting acquainted with technology through blogs, podcast, email, cell phones, tablets and other technologies.   This class really helped me develop my blog so that it may be able to be researchable by RSS feeds,  and understand the community of learners available in the cyber life. 

In our discussion boards we were able to explore society changes and how these changes might influence integration in the classroom.  During that week our class was asked to form groups and explain how technology has changed the workplace.  We also constructed a plan for blogs as a teaching tool and articulate how to work collaboratively, and understand to which extent classroom environments are disconnected from modern workplace.

Probably the most challenging part of the course was developing group wiki becase for that one week all of the classmate that participated in the group had to be on one accord.  This lesson help  define barriers that come with group exercise such as setting a time to work together then making sure each classmate could express their opinions or feedback on the specific subject.  Next classmates had to understand their goals or objectives for the project.

One of the most interesting assignments was evaluating the role technology can play in building 21st-century skills.  This assignment was cool because we learned the importance of partnership for 21st Century Skills website, and analyze the implications of teaching 21st-century skills for students and educator.  The question was asked was the fellow classmates digital natives and how do they meet learning needs of students population? 

With so many students being technology savvy teachers are given the challenge of using different technology tools in the classroom and knowing when to use the different technologies.  One of the suggestion was designing a lesson that uses Web 2.0 tool to integrate collaborative problems  Teachers also shared here problems on the internet with guest.  Next students had to research the differences of technology exposure, utilization, and skill among the students in the classroom and present.

This week we learned how teachers role were transferred because of the changes in technology, society, students changing teachers were faced with the challenge of making the course interesting.

Finally I believe that some of the question that I may have had about the impact of technology has changed through information provided by this course.  I will also take the information given and try to incorporate it in my current teaching environment.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Evaluating 21st century skills

Evaluating the 21st century skills 

First I thought that this site was very good because it not only discussed the different types of tools available for students for the 21st century but it also gave a evaluation of each type of tool that could be used.  For example I looked at the Ipad to see how other teachers utilized the material in their classroom.  I believe this could be a good reference for teachers who may be wanting to utilize technology in the classroom but may not be sure of which method will be the most effective for them and their subject

I never thought using the Ipad as a daily planner to keep them organized.  For examples teachers gave the students their schedule for the day and he was able to go throughout his whole day by using the Ipad.  The site also touched on how technology is steadily improving each day and it is costly and impossible to keep up with the daily updates.  This theory had given teachers and administrators something to discuss when they talk about improving students in the future.   Our making our teacher better prepared in the classroom for tomorrow future leaders.  Tablets present new and exciting opportunities to enhance learning experiences in ways that are simply not possible with mobile phones, laptops, or desktop computers.  Enterprising educators are using tablets to achieve results that have them amazed.

For the mobile device I agree with the fact that it could have the biggest effect on all students but the big question is will the students utilize the mobile device for its technology purpose or will it be used for a free social network time in a teachers classroom.  If teachers could come up with a good plan to keep students from going online and interacting with students in the wrong way then this method would be effective because just about all students have a cell phone or a mobile device.

As a learner and a educator I feel like the different types of devices that were discussed should be used to better the teachers classroom and help the student have a easier time completing their work thus making it easier to get a job in the future.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Application 2 Blog2

Hiraman Byrd
Application 2              
Blog Post 2

I have thought about putting a blog into my classroom.   If I had to give my blog a name in school it would be called the Mathematics nest 123.  The reason I would call it that is I believe that mathematics is as easy as 123.  This blog would be available for the students in my class to access and comment on about their homework or how they might feel about an assignment given to them by the teacher to do for homework.  I first give the students the ground rules on when the assignment is due than tell the students when the assignment is due.  I do understand that some of the technology that we spoke of is available online.  Also making a blog is free so many of my students that may be low income can access an blog account without paying money. 
Students experience ongoing successful moments that contribute to their confidence levels for encountering new problems….(they build a repertoire of strategies for dealing with numbers.  Students engage in comprehensible output (engaging in meaning-making conversations with students at their level- students need to engage in all types of conversations – some where they are hearing things where they have to reach to understand but also some conversations where they are right at their level).  Teachers get an opportunity to tailor instruction to the individual needs of their students.  Teachers get an opportunity to focus in on specific content, strategies and skill sets with small groups.  Students develop as confident, proficient, flexible mathematicians in a supportive, scaffold environment.  Teachers get to talk with individual students about math and hear their mathematical thinking.  Students have the opportunity to develop and use math strategies that allow them to become comfortable with different types of problems

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Welcome all, this will be my new blog site for my Walden University class.  I am looking forward to working with everyone.

Hiraman Byrd