Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Evaluating 21st century skills

Evaluating the 21st century skills 

First I thought that this site was very good because it not only discussed the different types of tools available for students for the 21st century but it also gave a evaluation of each type of tool that could be used.  For example I looked at the Ipad to see how other teachers utilized the material in their classroom.  I believe this could be a good reference for teachers who may be wanting to utilize technology in the classroom but may not be sure of which method will be the most effective for them and their subject

I never thought using the Ipad as a daily planner to keep them organized.  For examples teachers gave the students their schedule for the day and he was able to go throughout his whole day by using the Ipad.  The site also touched on how technology is steadily improving each day and it is costly and impossible to keep up with the daily updates.  This theory had given teachers and administrators something to discuss when they talk about improving students in the future.   Our making our teacher better prepared in the classroom for tomorrow future leaders.  Tablets present new and exciting opportunities to enhance learning experiences in ways that are simply not possible with mobile phones, laptops, or desktop computers.  Enterprising educators are using tablets to achieve results that have them amazed.

For the mobile device I agree with the fact that it could have the biggest effect on all students but the big question is will the students utilize the mobile device for its technology purpose or will it be used for a free social network time in a teachers classroom.  If teachers could come up with a good plan to keep students from going online and interacting with students in the wrong way then this method would be effective because just about all students have a cell phone or a mobile device.

As a learner and a educator I feel like the different types of devices that were discussed should be used to better the teachers classroom and help the student have a easier time completing their work thus making it easier to get a job in the future.

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